Current Litter

Breed: Labrador Retriever
3 yellow (2 females, 1 male)
6 chocolate (2 females, 4 males)
Date of birth: 12/14/2021
Sire: Tobias Moose McUngas (AKC: SS12404105)
Dam: Deanna Moose CGC & TDI (AKC: SS00142507)
Males: 5

Females: 4

Price: None available


Photos will be updated weekly and Bio will be updated as we learn more about their personalities.

Current Health:
12/14/21 – Birthday

1/14/22 – first set of shots

1/21/22 – first baths

1/28/22 – second set of shots, baths and 1st vet visit.

2/5/22 – full bath

2/15/22 – Full bath

3/15/22 – Full Bath

3/21/22 – Shots and dewormed

Sorry No Puppies Available

Green Collar

Male: Picks up on training quickly. Very food orientated. He sits, stays, working on coming, sit-stay. Loves to earn treats. Very Sweet boy tries to copy his 117lb daddy. Enjoys pleasing. Loves attention.

Status: Not available. Found Fur-Ever home.

Temp Name: Hershey.

Blue Collar

Female: Fully potty trained. Really a sweet heart puppy. Kind eyes, kind heart.

Status: Not available. Found Fur-Ever home

Temp Name: Blu-Bell

Pink Collar

Male: Very shy and yet very playful.

Status: Not available. Found Fur-Ever home

Name: Hank’s Rebel Pride

Green Collar

Female: She’s the smallest of the litter. She is bright, 1st to escape birthing box, what she lacks in size she makes up for it in tenacity. That gets her in to trouble.

Status: I will be keeping her.

Name: Little Bugg Lilly.

Purple Collar


Status: I was so happy to announce that my youngest son has decided to give her a forever home. She’s already spoiled of course.

Her forever Name: Bella-Rey Moose

Red Collar (1st Born Male)

Male: Doesn’t like being photographed. Very playful. Likes to be in charge. He was in charge for the most part. A bit of a bully. His new family loves him and he them.

Status: Not available. Found Fur-Ever home

Name: Tex Big Red

Pink stripe collar (1st Born Female)

Female: My daddy took 2 weeks off to help me settle in. I’m spoiled. I love my big siter & brother.

Status: Not available. Found Fur-Ever home

Name: Shiloh

Black Collar

Female: I am having so much fun.

Status: Not Available. Found Fur-Ever home

Name: Oscar Ray

Yellow Collar


Status: Not Available. Found Fur-Ever home

Name: Bentley Leary