Current Litter

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Chocolate and Yellow
Date of birth:
March 30th, 2023
Tobias Moose McUngas (AKC: SS12404105)
Deanna Moose CGC & TDI (AKC: SS00142507)
1 chocolate and 2 Yellow
4 Chocolate and 1 Yellow

Males – 1 chocolate and 2 Yellow.
Females – 3 chocolate

Price: $1100 Yellow and $1000 Chocolate USD
(Deanna and Toby’s third and Last Litter)


Current Health:
3/30/23 – Birthday.
4/09/23 – Weights taken.
4/16/23 – Weights taken.
4/21/23 – First Photo Op. Photos uploaded.
4/23/23 – Weights taken.
4/30/23 – Weights taken.
5/07/23 – Weights taken / First day outside (~45-minute session)
5/08/23 – Second Photo Op. Photos will be uploaded by 5/12/23 by 11pm EST. Some information on their personalities will be uploaded as well.
(1st vet visit coming up – Stay tuned)
5/12/23 – First vet checkup went great with 7 of 8 getting perfect health marks. All got 1st rounds of shots and deworming. Photos updated from 2nd photo op. Personalities and Bio updated.
5/13/23 – Updated one puppy, purple collar, with the latest on her vet visit summary. See below for details.
5/17/23 – two puppies sold.
5/22/23 – UPCOMING – Weights taken and third Photo-op. Personalities and Bio updated.

4 Puppies Available

Yellow Collar
Photo: 5/8/23 – photo burry – will retake soon

BIO: The big yellow female puppy. Loves water and digs in the water dish regularly. likes to blow bubbles in the water as well.

Status: Not Available – Found Fur-ever Home

Green Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Always wants to be first to eat and check out new toys. Very curious about everything and has to check out the newest thing or object near her.

Status: Not Available – Found Fur-ever Home

Purple collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Very active and energic puppy. Loves noisy toys. Loves to bark and cuddle.

Currently named: Nugget

Vet Visit – Updated 5/13/23:
She was evaluated by a vet and shows signs of Hydrocephalus, meaning large forehead. Vet believes this was possibly caused by a brain hemorrhage secondary to a difficult birth. No other puppies in this litter currently have this condition per the vet. She will be the runt of the litter, coming in at a possible vet estimated max weight around 30-35lbs. Vet also stated she shows that she is at the same stage of mental and physical development as the rest of the current litter. She is still available to be placed in a forever home with the proper owner and would make a great companion pup. Could make a great therapy dog if trained properly for the task.

Status: Available – Restricted

Red Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Likes toy balls. 1st to learn to bark and howl. Loves playing with your feet.

Status: Available

Blue Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Feisty little pup. Loves tug-of-war. 1st to learn growl and loves to be talkative with barking.

Status: Available

Blue Tiger Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Loves tug-of-war games and has a habit of tipping over water dish and then laying in it.

Status: Not available – Found Fur-ever Home

Black Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: Won’t sit still. Very active and energic puppy. Very hard to get a good photo of (hence why she is the only one being held for photo). Very talkative puppy. Enjoys tug-of-war and toy balls.

Status: Not Available – Found Fur-ever Home

Yellow Tiger Collar
Photo: 5/8/23

BIO: A laid back and mellow puppy (like his dad). 1st to play tug-of-war. Likes rope toys but cheats. He will grab the center and runs away with it.

Status: Available