All payments are Cash only. An invoice will also be provided. Note that deposits are non-refundable. The first $500 USD of any purchase made is considered a deposit. Any amount over $500 USD is refundable.

Visits / Picking / Pick up


Puppy visits are available after the puppies are 4 weeks old and older and are by request / appointment only. Masks are not required at time of visits.


Puppies Picking are on a first come – first serve basis. Once a deposit is made on a puppy, it is considered on hold.

Pick up

Puppy pickups are after 8 weeks old and will be scheduled in advanced. Please bring a towel/blanket. You will get a care package.

At time of pick-up you’ll get the following:

  • Food
  • AKC paperwork (if applicable)
  • Toy (if in stock)
  • Receipt of payment